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Oxirite Metal Paint

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Welcome to the Oxirite and Xylazel Metal Range

Direct to Metal Paint

The Oxirite and Xylazel Metal range offers a full selection of products to cater for any metal paint application need. Manufactured in Spain, our products have all the quality assurances and checks associated with the EU.

Oxirite in its own right is the best performing 1K product in the world from a corrosion resistance perspective for your steel. It was developed specifically for DIY so is easy to apply and has self-levelling capabilities so even you and I have more than a fighting chance at a beautiful finish; and its designed to stand the test of time! Choose from the 38 different colours and transform your rusted or new metal the easiest way! Get started painting and priming all types of metal anywhere in South Africa with Oxirite and Xylazel.

Apply Directly to Metal

Onto Rusted Surfaces, long-lasting metal protection. With its active rust inhibitors, Oxirite converts and prevents rust and offers incredible colour stability with unique built in UV filters – no more powdering / discolouration. Painting metal has never been this easy.

Special 4-in-1 Formula

Thanks to its special 4-in-1 formula, Oxirite can be painted directly onto new or rusted metal surfaces without the need for a rust converter, primer or undercoat. Simply remove loose rust flakes with a wire brush and you’re ready to go with this all in one paint which is available throughout South Africa, online or in-shop.

5 Year All Weather Protection

by creating a tough, corrosion resistant barrier between your metal and the elements that sheds moisture, enabling long lasting decoration inside and outside the home. Painted surfaces can be re-coated after 1 hour – so projects can be finished in just one day offering an immense labour/time saving component to your job.
Oxirite & Xylazel Metal Products

Our Solutions

Application Guide

Take a look at our Application Guide to assist you in deciding which product will be suit your needs, ranging from New Metal applications, old rusted metal to high heat applications and non-ferrous metal applications for metals such as aluminium and copper. Our metal paints and primers are available throughout South Africa online or in-store to assist you with your DIY needs.

DIY Tips & Info

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