Contractor’s hand with brush that painting metal fence.

Want to keep your natural rusted look, but inhibit further corrosion while sealing the surface?

As I write, OXITROL is in a container, on the sea on its way to SA…. This unique product will help so many of us who like that natural rusted look and want to keep our ornaments, table and chair sets, garden sculptures etc from disintegrating further, but not spoiling their aspect.

What is it?

A combination of 

1) Oils which inhibit further rust spread and; 

2) A sealer so that your metal is protected from the elements and spills 

How does it work?

  • The oil is deep penetrating with anticorrosive properties inhibiting further rust spread
  • A thin, weather proof outer layer is left to protect against further moisture and sun damage 

How do I use it?

Simply remove all the loose rust and clean the surface thoroughly (must be a raw metal surface), stir the product well and paint on a single coat and allow to saturate for 6 hours, paint another coat and leave for 48 hours before use. IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

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