Oxitrol 4L


Oxitrol is a deep-penetrating anti-oxidant oil with many applications. The most popular use is to seal already rusted or natural metal surfaces to prevent further rust formation and seal the metal against the elements and spills. It leaves a clear, satin finish. As a paint additive to oil based enamels, it can be used to increase adhesion properties; increase spread rates; give the normal enamel a rust inhibiting property; and, prime some difficult porous surfaces and metal. For the best guidance on Oxitrol as an additive to paint and as a primer, please refer to its Technical Data Sheet under Product Info.


CODE: 6080414

    • To achieve a clear, satin coating, and keep the natural rusted or metal look: ensure the application surface is relatively clean and dry then apply directly onto the metal. Allow to settle for 2 hours before applying a second coat.
    • As an anti-oxidant metal primer: Apply one coat directly to the metal surface, wait 24 hours before over-coating with any oil based paint.
    • As a paint additive: refer to the Oxitrol Technical Data Sheet under Product Info for better guidance.
  • DRYING: 24 hours touch dry, up to 48 hours before use depending on humidity and temperature.
  • TOOLS: Apply by Brush, Paint Roller or Spray
  • PERFORMANCE: 8-12 m2 / L / coat
  • PACKAGING: Oxitrol 4L
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